Using NASA Earthdata Search to Discover Cloud-Hosted Data#

Learning Objective#

In this tutorial you will learn how to:

  • discover cloud-hosted datasets using NASA Earthdata Search.

  • get AWS S3 credentials so you can access this data

  • get the S3 links to data granules


  • an Earthdata Login


NASA Earthdata Search is a web-based tool to discover, filter, visualize and access all of NASA’s Earth science data, both in Earthdata Cloud and archived at the NASA DAACs. It is a useful first step in data discovery, especially if you are not sure what data is available for your research problem.

This tutorials is based on the NSIDC NASA Earthdata Cloud Access Guide. Take a look at this access guide if you want more information and also to learn how to use command line tools to download cloud-hosted data from an S3 bucket.